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I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to you and your team for helping me turn my goal into a reality. I also want to send a very special thanks for the wonderful job you did on my website. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of your team, and I look forward to your future contributions. The extra time and effort that you put in were certainly worthwhile, and I very much appreciate it. It has been a pleasure for me to have had the opportunity to work with such dedicated and talented colleagues.

~ John Beauvais

Your diligence is commendable. You guys did not stop until I was 100% satisfied. See, I thought the plus when opening up a store with tswmall was cutting the overhead cost of the standard brick and mortar, but it has been reassuring to know that I have a friend in the entertainment business. I feel like I have my own personal marketing team and business developers. I want to thank you guys for your time and consideration of my product for product placement in your upcoming movie.

~ Lalanne Johnson

Thank you guys! Two years later and you guys still believe in my dream. My store is booming and I even have people from Australia listening to my music. I love your social platform, PLACE. Not only finding new clients, but other talented artist to collaborate with on my music. Special thanks to your marketing team for the non-stop traffic; their campaigns have really helped me with my brand.

~ Kaddy Simba

I cannot believe that my storefront is next to the top rated philantropist! The connections that I have made since opening my store with you guys still blows my mind. I’ve never dreamed that my boutique would be able to have such a global reach, but now I have financial freedom and lengthy client base to match. Your shop in 3D with the personalized avatar has saved me some headaches. I have been able to make one-of-kind designs for my clients with their avatar measurements alone! Many thanks!

~ Candace Hampton
Entertainment, E-commerce & Gaming in 3D by TSW

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Connect with business owners like yourself.

Network with industry professionals.

Promote your products and services to hundreds of consumers daily.

Avatar Experience

It allows your customer to be anywhere around the world and still be in your 3D store.

With the 3D personalized avatar your customers never have to leave the comfort of their home.

Enjoy directly interacting with your customers without being in the office.


tswmall drives 500,000 visitors daily to your site with our all access package.

We promote you in our digital magazine NOW.

Product placement allows you to be marketed not only to the entertainment company, but gives you access to billions of new customers virtually.

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Welcome to our world! Let our founder, Tariq Alexander show you how he took tswmall from concept to reality, virtual reality.


tswmall is the largest global distribution to aid entrepreneurs, artist and businesses to be on the same platform as their elite competitors. tswmall is the first to combine Entertainment, e-Commerce and gaming. It is designed as a fun, entertaining 3D gaming environment for people to sell, shop and connect in a unique interactive virtual reality. tswmall has taken technology to an innovative new height where your personalized avatar becomes reality; because what you purchase in the game comes directly to your home.
Business is all about location, location, location. Imagine your location being anywhere and everywhere. tswmall has put the whole world in one easy accessible place for our clients. Don't be limited by shorelines or area codes expand your customer base and have your product and services globally recognized. Anything your customer purchases in the mall is delivered to their doorsteps.
How can I start an online clothing store?
Quite simple. Sign up for your free Place account, upload your profile avatar, and play around with our 3D store template builder. Once you find a design you like, confirm it and our 3D team will make your vision become a 3D virtual reality.

tswmall.com/[your store] gives your products and services the online visibility all businesses today needs. tswmall gets over 3 million views daily and a guaranteed 500,000 people in our mall alone. When you activate your 2D and 3D stores you have direct access to our traffic and guaranteed consumers.

By combining entertainment and e-Commerce,which together are worth almost 2 trillion, and putting it on a gaming platform (46 billion dollar industry) we have leveraged their traffic in an innovative way to put our clients on the same playing field as their big name competitors.

tswmall's founder, Tariq Alexander, CEO of TSW (The System Within) is President of Ruff Ryders Films division and is in production of his upcoming movie, Ruff Ryders Ride or Die. Alexander uses tswmall not only to cast his movies, but to look for venues to shoot at and products utilize. He created tswmall as a social network for entertainers to connect with industry big names like John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell System and The Patrón Spirits Company, renowned casting director Mike Fenton, and philanthropist Joan Hornig of Joan Hornig Jewelry while networking with like-minded individuals.

We are entertainers and WE MAKE MOVIES! The entertainment industry is solely about word of mouth, consider us your friend in the business. tswmall was created for entertainers, by entertainers, and as entertainers whatever we say is hot, is HOT! Have your product or service placed in our 3D virtual mall or movies means having your products and service marketed to your favorite entertainer.

We will continue building this movement, One movie, one soundtrack, one website at a time.

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Entertainment, E-commerce & Gaming in 3D by TSW


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