Project 87 was created by Tariq Alexander as a 501-c 3 and a national outreach nonprofit organization.

Wrongly accused

Project 87 supports and promotes legislative and legal policies to help those affected by the federal sentencing laws (conspiracy) of 1987. Funds donated to Project 87 are used to support legal entities, individuals, agencies and organizations that provide advocacy and services to persons incarcerated by the unfair and harsh federal (conspiracy) sentencing laws enacted in 1986 and enforced in 1987. The scope of Project 87 extends to include activism for civil rights and an education empowerment program for people released from prison. Project 87 is committed to assisting the wrongly accused in transitioning back into society and their communities.

Mission and Focus

If we don’t, who will…
The System Within (TSW) is committed to providing economic alternatives and opportunities to urban communities. Project 87 is just one of the ways the network helps satisfy the company’s philosophy of “giving back” and providing a “hand -up” through opportunities, encouragement and career options.


The Veterans Administration (VA) has made ending Veteran homelessness a top priority, undertaking an unprecedented campaign to dramatically increase awareness of VA services available for homeless Veterans and Veterans at risk of becoming homeless.

Project 87 is committed to providing military veterans housing assistance , job training and employment. Grants awarded to Project 87 are used for the following programs: