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I am an Entertainer

TSW's the Place is the future of entertainment and distribution. Create a profile, post your reels and demos, start networking with a purpose and we may cast you in our next movie.

I am a Gamer

The world of gaming just got real. Create an avatar in your own image and meet your friends in our virtual 3D world to shop, network, and socialize. Real people, real products, real entertainment - just more fun.

I am a Shopper

Entertainers know what is hot and what is not. We’ll guide you to the hottest trends and fashions, what to buy, where to buy it, where to wear it. "Meet us at the Place" that virtually has it all - TSWMall.

I am a Business Owner

Entertainers demand the best products and services. Think you qualify? Contact us to see if you have what it takes to place your products and services with entertainers.